Essential Sacrifice for self, Country, Future.


Sacrifice is essential in our lives, we actually win by sacrifice, but we must be careful what type of sacrifice we make- People who are willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and loses both. Take for instance a person who bribes with money or flattery to gain favors or a woman who uses her body to gain favors or get promoted, such sacrifices leads one into a loser eventually. Any sacrifice that goes against sound morals and virtues, is a sin. For Example, Flawed procurement process, irregular hiring of public officials and poor management of public funds as witnessed here in Prince George’s County  have the risk of grinding Prince George’s County’s economy to a halt.

As we begin this week, lawsuits filed in Federal court highlight high levels of corruption and discrimination within the county and the state level. Some of these unethical practices continues to occur despite the lawsuits both at the County and the state central levels of the school systems according to the information received recently by concerned employees. The anonymous concerned Personnel now warn that the disregard of the law by public officials at the State and local levels of Government could have dire effects on the State and County economy many years to come. Persistent issues of under-development; high unemployment rate, increasing inequality, poverty and high inflationary pressures continue to impact negatively on the economy locally.

Success achieved through exploitation of the poor, oppressed or ignorant, is injustice and is sinful. When it is necessary to succeed in order to feed insatiable greed or lust, such success deserves to be rebuked. Success is noblest when it leaves you with the self-respect that you have been a good steward of life, morals, virtues, liberties, possibilities and opportunities that God offered to you.

The single quality that more than anything else identifies those who succeed is patience.

Impatient dreamers will look for painless shortcuts and cheap discounts on the price of success and fail to spot the expedient paths, unknowing, impatient dreamers will too often, too easily and too painfully turn away from the divine dream. Later when its too late they will discover that in choosing the painless, easy road they were in fact going down a primrose path to boredom, shame, emptiness, failure, poverty. If only they had not been afraid of the discipline that the dream demanded.

The merge of the Prince George’s County government to control the county school system via hybrid Board of Education led by a CEO, without enough checks and balances while controlling over a billion dollar budget have raised pertinent questions in meeting constitutional provisions.




Space shuttle Atlantis during liftoff

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