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Hite’s corruption.

PGCPS Corruption fights back.

Superintendent William Hite operates as if he is a sole administrator of the schools.  The law which established the board of education has not provided for sufficient checks and balances within the board of education (BOE) against the Superintendent who is the treasurer, the secretary to the board of Education and the CEO all rolled into one!  If the Chairman of the BOE operates without the effective input of other members of the board of education, and is not under the supervision of another organ of government, such as the county council to question his activities, then abuse and the impunities which we complain about will continue.

In recent days, Teachers, staff and students have seen some students being victimized at Largo – Laurel High Schools for expressing their thoughts on the current events involving some administrators.  This is not fair to, Students who have been victimized for expressing their views.  Children have rights too! Many of these students are aware of the adulterous relationship involving Mr. James Smallwood, – Assistant Principal and two teachers he supervised. (See the blog here). Many students observed and heard what appeared to be “noises of passion” coming from his office during and after work hours. The same thing applies to Principal Dwayne Jones and Ms. Debra Toppins who have been an item for years creating a conflict of interest.  The change in policy to suspend students who talk about these issues appears to emanate from the superintendent Hite and it’s misuse of policy to hold on to power. Similarly, William Hite’s desire to hold onto power has gone so far as to create AN OFFICE OF CONSTITUENT SERVICES, which happens to be nothing more than a political tool to spread propaganda to the citizens of Prince George’s County on how “Good Dr. William Hite Jr. is”. The same office is also being used as a tool for cover up.

 There are many other issues  we have with Superintendent Hite among them is; scheduling of Board of Education meetings during the middle of the day at 1pm when most parents are working.  Chasitating staff and students who voice issues of concern against their 1st amendment freedoms is another issue.  This is dictatorship.  We can do better!   The NAACP has complained about the scheduling of these meetings, but that too has fallen on deaf ears. It appears as if Superintendent Hite has something to hide by scheduling these meetings at times to minimize concerned parents.  The time has come to impeach William Hite EdD, a fight for the future of our kids and their education.    

Corruption is the biggest enemy the public schools of Prince George County have; it is linked to so many other problems that challenge the schools and communities in the county.  

“Don’t ever give up,” one parent said recently. “When you fight against corruption, corruption fights back.” “They want you to back off.”  We agree!

Fighting corruption is first and foremost, about establishing the rule of law, so this has been the primary focus of Reform PGCPS Sasscer team’s anti-corruption campaign.

In a county that has seen very few convictions for fraud or corruption before the beginning of our reform campaign; we are yet to see any actions from the county concerning these issues. Cases brought up by several employees will be heard in the Federal and Circuit Courts in the following weeks and months. Stay informed and put on the pressure!   

Prince George County’s reform efforts will end up being a success because they are home-grown; they are supported by the Prince George County’s people, and by some current Prince George County’s leadership. Prince George County’s citizens are sick and tired of being known the world over as scam artists. In credible polling throughout the county, the fight against corruption in public schools is measured as among the electorate’s top concerns, next to food and healthcare for their families.

But corruption fights back.

The process for identifying corrupt officials is open and transparent. However, those against whom we have laid charges use the resources they have stolen to fight back. They own radio and television stations, newspapers, email system, websites, and can hire the best lawyers. But they cannot run away from the facts, nor ultimately from the court of public opinion.

We have proven that we can tackle corruption on our own—but we are still asking for help and support from a wide range of citizens across the County and throughout the United States and abroad to guarantee that these efforts do not falter.

As Prince George’s citizens go to the polls to elect a new council member in a few days and in the future including 2012, we can only offer one piece of advice: whomever you choose, make sure that they are willing to wage a war against corruption in Prince George County’s public schools. Excuses made by those who collaborate with corruption, such as “it is not just me,” should no longer be tolerated. The same is true for all elected officials in the state of Maryland. We must get to a point where there is zero tolerance for corruption as the everyday way of life.

 The money confiscated from former county executive Mr. Jack Johnson that has been returned to the county government is money that ought to have been originally spent on healthcare and development. We hope the new county leadership will use it to improve our health sector, among other initiatives. Maybe one day those who are involved in corruption in Prince George County – Maryland will be treated like pariahs in all decent and civilized gatherings. Maybe then we can bid a permanent farewell to state and county kleptocracy across Prince George County – Maryland.

 Lastly, it is our hope that by making such critical self-help information available to students, civil servants and publicly exposing state and county workplace injustices we can propel a CHANGE to improve the state and county government workplace culture.   Wrongdoing within the state and county sector continues to impact public program administration fairness, safety and efficiency.   Notably, the cost of discrimination to the public, the taxpayer, remains in the $100,000,000 millions of dollars.   To better protect our citizens, we must protect our state and county workers and the students.   For the state and county government’s treatment of its workers and students is inextricably linked to the quality of goods and services it renders to the public.   Without question, employees who work for the state and county sector serve on America’s first line of defense with regard to protecting our state and the county.

Some leaders in PGCPS – Heart of the problems in Schools.

This is to bring to the attention of the members of the legislative branch, as well as the general public about systematic corruption involving ASASP UNION with a blind eye of Superintendent William Hites Jr. The Prince George’s County Citizens have lost faith in the school leadership. Call your elected representatives now and the media. ~>Sign the petition~>  click Here

Root causes of the PGCPS problems – Dr. William Hite Jr.

The Vice Principal at Largo High School, Mr. James Smallwood who also happens to be the current President of Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP), is having an affair with the Testing Coordinator at Largo High school. He is also having an affair with an English Teacher at the same school. Something needs to be done urgently to remove him as an administrator within PGCPS.  Mr. James Smallwood is 61 years old, the Testing Coordinator is 36 and the English Teacher is 28.  The two ladies accidentally found out about each other this last school year.  The Testing Coordinator decided to confront the English Teacher.  Long story short, the English Teacher is now pregnant.  Mr. Smallwood is the former Principal of Forestville Military Academy in PGCPS and was demoted for this same type of nonsense there.

 The English Teacher’s name is Ms. Lisa McQuirter and the Testing Coordinator is Dr. Leelannee Malin.  Mr. Smallwood was a gym teacher when he started at Largo High school years ago and was later promoted to be Vice Principal.  We have known him for a long time.  Having known him for so long, we also know that he has been in a serious relationship with a white lady for over 20 years.  We only say this to show that he means no good to Dr. Malin or Ms. McQuirter. They are merely notches in his belt.  We find it unprofessional that he brings this to the work place. This behavior caused two women to confront each other like high schoolers.  The sad thing is that the students know all about it and make comments on facebook and tweet about it.

Ms. Simpson-Marcus the current Principal at Largo High School has shown blatant favoritism to him over the other administrators. We are sure that it is only because he is not only the President of the ASASP union, but Vice President of the American Federation of school administrators AFSA union.

Mr. Smallwood is denying fathering Ms. McQuirter’s baby. She is a decent person and we know she would not say it if it was not true.  She actually thought that she and Mr. Smallwood had a relationship.  She was proud of the fact that she was dating him and shared her happiness with several staff members this last school year. When she accidentally found out about Dr. Malin, she stopped seeing Mr. Smallwood.  Dr. Malin, however, follows him around like a little puppy dog and continues her relationship with Mr. James Smallwood.  She goes everywhere with him and they even showed up arm in arm for Largo High School prom last year.  Dr. Malin believes the lies that Mr. Smallwood tells her and flaunts her relationship with him to taunt Ms. McQuirter.  Ms. McQuirter says that the truth will come out until the baby is born and Mr. Smallwood takes a paternity test.  We feel sorry for Ms. McQuirter because she was totally taken advantage of by this man.  Mr. Smallwood has children older than Ms. McQuirter and we find it disgusting that he did this to her and now denies what he has done.

Many staff members at Largo High School have worked very closely with all the administrators and they are aware of the situation.  Many thought that Mr. Smallwood was a man with high standards because he was such a good administrator and worked hard.  However, we are all so surprised by all of this from him but it seems that, some of us clearly knew more than the rest.  He was always very professional with some of us. There were rumors about the affairs he had before; including with a guidance counselor and a science teacher at Largo High School, but it was never as blatant as now.  When we heard about the women at Forestville Military Academy, we knew, then, it was more than rumors.  One would think that with all the womanizing he is doing, he would use protection, (Condom).

On the other hand, Mr. Dwayne Jones (the Principal of Laurel High School) who is the current secretary of ASASP union and a good friend of Mr. James Smallwood (both men are pictured below) is involved in an illicit affair with a security guard at Laurel High School (Ms. Deborah Toppins). The staff at Laurel High School works in fear of retaliation because of the obvious conflict of interest. Ms. Toppins boosts that she is a sworn police officer besides being a security guard and has connections with police officers elsewhere including Laurel Police Department.

Staff has complained so many times to Dr. William Hite Jr. (Superintendent – PGCPS) and Ms. Monica Goldson (Assistant Superintendent) about harassment and retaliation in various locations within the PGCPS School District. However, nothing seems to get done to address the hostile work environment fueled by these many illicit affairs.  It’s quite disheartening that so many staff members have lost faith in all of them.  Ms. Simpson-Marcus paid her favorite Guidance Counselor to attend a workshop in Las Vegas – Nevada that she did not attend.  It was brought to the attention of Dr. William Hite Jr. and the HSC, led by Ms. Monica Goldson.  They conducted an audit and found a lot of misappropriation of funds in this particular school.  Some of the staff members knew the auditor and he told them that with all the findings of his audit, Ms. Simpson-Marcus should have been fired.  Well, Dr. William Hite Jr. has kept everything under wraps and has since removed the auditor from Largo High School.  Nothing happened to Ms. Simpson-Marcus or the guidance counselor; it does no good to bring anything to the superintendent or the HSC led by the corrosive Assistant Superintendent (Ms. Goldson).  Besides, Ms. Monica Goldson is friends with Simpson-Marcus and other principals. She supports all their wrong doings.

 Larger Implications:

 Many staff members and students within PGCPS are harassed and retaliated against every school year. Their complaints are never addressed because the very leaders, who are supposed to help with their grievances, are involved in corruption. In order to see the circle of corruption cut off, we would like to see something done to address the issues this year. Please review the issues including the blog and Circulate widely to other stakeholders through face book, twitter etc. Call your senators, delegates and other elected officials.

 Corruption flourishes when someone has monopoly power over a good or service; has the discretion to decide how much you get or whether you get any at all, and where transparency and accountability are weak. So, to fight corruption we must reduce monopoly, reduce discretion, and increase transparency in many ways.

Corruption = Monopoly + Discretion – Transparency

Enhancing accountability means many things, and creative leaders use a remarkable variety of methods. One way to improve accountability is to improve the measurement of performance. Leaders can work with their employees and clients to create new systems for measuring the performance of agencies and offices—and then link rewards to results.

Accountability is also increased by inviting outside agencies to audit, monitor, and evaluate.

What about ethics and morality? Successful leaders set a good example. They sometimes create training programs for employees and citizens. Nonetheless, in the success stories I have studied, what might be called “moral initiatives” are not the key feature of the long-term reforms. The keys are systems that provide better incentives for imperfect human beings to perform in the public interest—and to avoid corruption.

Subverting Corruption

When corruption has become systemic, it resembles organized crime. It has its own parallel system of recruitment and hierarchy, of rewards and punishments, of contracts and enforcement. This parallel system has some inherent weaknesses. For example, in no country of the world are bribery and extortion legal. Therefore, they must be kept (somewhat) secret. The money gained must be hidden. One cannot openly recruit new members. The mechanisms for enforcement are illicit.

How can these corrupt systems be subverted? Obviously we cannot count on members of organized crime to clean themselves. Instead, we must analyze the corrupt systems and ask, “How might they be destabilized?” Who is “we”? It can be a new president and his or her team, or a new mayor or head of a public enterprise. But it can also be you and me as members of civil society. Around the world we see new examples of citizen activism, of business groups entering into “integrity pacts,” of intellectuals and journalists and religious leaders going beyond lectures and sermons to analyze corrupt systems and work together to subvert them.  Sign the petition~> click Here